About Us

The Aesthetics Authority (TAA) was established in March of 2022 by four people of one common goal their interest in beauty! What made them altogether perfect for the business? They comprise combined experts in aesthetics practice, training, accounts, and management.

The Aesthetics Authority aims to provide the people of Iloilo City with a one-stop-shop aesthetics center that caters to all genders with a primary focus on non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

They offer premium services that range from pampering treatments to top-of-the-line home care products. On top of that, The Aesthetics Authority trains and certifies aspiring aesthetic practitioners who want to gain experience and start their careers in the field of Aesthetics.

Our Mission

The Aesthetics Authority believes that “Beauty is genderless.”

Our Vision

To be the Aesthetic Center that provides not only treatments but premium aesthetic services, training, and certification, plus top of the line products to aid you in aging gracefully.

Our Values

T – reatment
A – ftercare
A – ccountability

Dr. Jessyl Fabrigar Salazar


The Aesthetics Authority (TAA) is founded by Dr. Jessyl Fabrigar Salazar, BS in Biological Science at the West Visayas State University, Iloilo City Philippines. Post-Graduate in Medicine at Iloilo Doctors’ College of Medicine, Iloilo City Philippines.